Water the Soul

Water rocks us into a state~
A state of silence, stillness...self-awareness.

The strength of the water can tilt us to the edge of slumber...and back.

A reminder of change. Unpredictable. Unexpected flows...yet always a push to go deeper.

Going deeper within the true Self...just as in water, the deeper one goes in...the stiller all becomes.

It is the shallow waters that relentlessly move and bring no peace. The same truth is for the Self when residing in a shallow place.

Our lives are a flow of the waters within...

Physically, we love to ride the wave to see how high we can reach~
But, when we truly let ourselves surrender in the water when we fall...we will be taken to where we should be.

The secret? There is no secret. Follow the heart. Go with the flow...like water. Water cleans, water pushes, water gives back, water always finds space to simply be.

Do not fear the depths of water. As you go deeper, you find that the fear stays on the surface and rolls away like a wave.

Go even deeper and discover the the beauty that lies anxiously awaiting to be seen, felt, and shared.
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