The true story of Thanksgiving

Gratitude is a mindset that is a encouraged by many sources. Books, videos, quotes, and more convey the truth of the power of being grateful. Sometimes I think that we forget to truly feel and know what to be grateful for. Every person has a different set of circumstances. This can heavily influence what one may be grateful for in life. Or, we get so accustomed to what we do have; we do not truly realize what it would be like not to have it until it is gone.

For example, good health may not come to one's mind until something changes it. Being able to read this blog can be a reminder that you can see. Being on the computer to read this is a reminder that you have time to do what you choose. Get the drift? The more you start to truly think about what to be grateful for, the more that will come to mind to acknowledge. You have 86,400 seconds a day to live. Of those 86,400 seconds, do you take a few of those precious seconds to feel grateful for something? You have the time.

For those of you who do not know the is worth learning. Thanksgiving was officially declared a day to honor by one of our greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln. In 1864, he made it a day that would be honored every year. Prior to him, it was erratically practiced. The woman who impacted Abraham Lincoln to do it was Sarah Josepha Hale. For twenty years, she wrote letters to all the governors of the country and five presidents. Her letter was heartfelt and expressed with passion her desire for the country to take a day to recognize how fortunate it is to have come into existence. She lived a profound life and made numerous positive impacts in our country that we still benefit from to this day. Click on the link I have posted to read all that she did to contribute our advancement.

So, with a few of my 86,400 seconds, I would like to thank Sarah Hale for her faith and tenacity in pursuing her passion of gratitude. Thank you Abraham Lincoln for listening to her and making it another one of your great contributions. Thank YOU for taking the time to read this article. May you feel that was worth a part of your 86,400 seconds today. Have a peaceful Thanksgiving.
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